敬的玩家,ALB全球互联网理财积分项目启动至今已有10个月,我们对于全体玩家在过去的日子给予平台全力的配合及付出致于万分谢意。平台决定于2017年11月份举行周年庆典大会,为了配合市场的发展,平台推出以下奖励计划: 考核时间:2017年6月7日至2017年10月7日。


-- 考核期间1区、2区新增业绩分别达到15万PV。


-- 考核期间1区、2区新增业绩分别达到30万PV。

注 :严格执行奖励制度,公司拥有最终诠释与决定权 。玩家符合以上条件,将获得公司邀请免费出席上述周年庆典大会 。我们希望全体玩家在考核期内全面参与,奋力拓展市场,建立自己的精锐团队,不断冲刺,创造佳绩 。美丽热情的马来西亚热烈欢迎您 !

ALB 管理层

The ALB online game point financial program has been operated for 10 months, we are very grateful to all players for their full support and effort for the past period. The company has decided to hold a company anniversary celebration during the month of November, 2017. In order to boost players business development, we decided to launched campaign as below: Campaign period: 7 June 2017 to 7 October 2017

Sales requirement: 
1. For those yet to qualify during past campaign:
-- during campaign period area 1 & 2 must achieve 150,000 PV respectively. 

2. For those had been qualified during past campaign:
-- during campaign period area 1 & 2 must achieve 300,000 PV respectively.

Note: The management strictly implement above campaign, the management has final right, interpretation and decision on any dispute. Players who has achieved the above requirements will be invited to attend the Company Anniversary Celebration fully on company's expenses. We hope that all players actively participate this campaign, successfully develop their aggresive team, and expand their market to fully extend, and eventually achieve tremendous result. Beautiful Malaysia warmly welcomes you.

Thank you.
The Management





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